Custom Service for Cafes & You

Custom Service for Cafes & You

There's a lot of good coffee in Bondi. Our two favourite cafés are Birichina (our Lamrock Avenue local) and The Crabbe Hole (poolside at the Icebergs). Our son Roman has worked at Birichina since he was 12; and our daughter Lola still does some shifts at The Crabbe Hole when she's visiting Sydney for any length of time.

So ... it was very natural for us to agree to develop the team T Shirts (and other merchandise) for both of these cafes. You can order them too!

Birichina merchandise HERE


Crabbe Hole merchandise HERE

Custom Service

Would you like the same for your small business or event? If you can commit to a minimum opening order of 25, we'll be happy to arrange that. More details HERE.


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