CustOMER Gallery

CustOMER Gallery

CustOMER Gallery is coming along. REMO in the Wild! Sampling below.

Every CustOMER who provides us with an image for this gallery gets a 50% discount off their next order for whatever they are modelling REMO T Shirt or Stripey Thing.

Email your image, along with your Home Town and CustOMER Since Year HERE. If you include a "quote" (please do), we'll add that beneath the image.

We'll send you the single-use code once we've added your image to the gallery.

Merja ShieldDianella, WA | CustOMER since 1989

... with Regular Coffee T Shirt "paint stains and all."

"One of the best I've ever worn, and still doing occasional garden duty! PS: So many stripey things have come and gone since the original REMO one I used to have, but none have been as good.  I'm so happy you're bringing it back."

Matthew Shield | Dianella, WA | CustOMER since 1989

... here wearing the "one size fits all" ?? long sleeved T shirt.

"... grey like a drizzly day at home! Limited wear due to not so perfect cut, but saved and cherished because of oh so perfect fabric! PS: The old navy stripey thing worn to death, and buried with honours :)"

Paul Jones | Sydney, NSW | CustOMER Since 1990

"Stripey Things make seriously good Clown Shirts! I've been a customer since the early 90’s when I lived in Campbell St Darlinghurst not far from your wonderful Oxford St shop. Desperately need a new one."

Nadine Towler | Preston, VIC | CustOMER Since 1988

"Thanks so much for yesterday, helping me order my new stripeys! I can now be seen again in public! Cheers Nadine."

Gerry Wedd | Port Elliot, SA | CustOMER Since 1988

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