Design Revivals

Design Revivals

It's been so much fun to be adding new ideas to the 34 year old REMO designs portfolio. New beginnings! Check out some of the newbies HERE.

As you can see, we've also been reviving a number of designs from our illustrious 20th century past. We found a bog box full of artwork in storage and duly deposited same behind the Tiki Bar of our new freelance designer Sue; and she has been chugging through with the scanning and cleaning up.

To that end, please welcome back into our designs range (left to right and top to bottom):

Food Chain | 1989
Rat Trap | 1990
REMO World | 1988
Scrabble REMO | 1991
Saluti from REMO | 1989
Fortune Cookies | 1989
Strong Silent Type | 1993
Mad Dog | 1988
Noses | 2022

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