Eternity at REMO

Eternity at REMO

Today's REMO design story relates to Eternity ... not this original Arthur Stace scrawl, but rather a unique-to-REMO version that was first introduced to CustOMERs in 1990 on a big canvas located within our Darlinghurst store  i.e. Eternity at REMO.

It was painted by Sydney artist Martin Sharp.

Martin Sharp (1942 to 2013) was a well known and much loved artist in Australia. Like many Sydneysiders of the right age, Martin recalled his first brush with Arthur Stace's Eternity.

Indeed, Martin has incorporated references to Arthur's Eternity in a number of works over the years.

So, when we approached Martin with the idea, it wasn't hard to convince him that HE should be the one to create this design for REMO in tribute to Arthur Stace. The huge 5 metre canvas adorned our Crown Street Window during November 1990 ... jogging memories, triggering smiles, stopping traffic, even causing some accidents.

This was a happy marriage for all concerned. Aside from Martin's mesmerising image, Eternity dovetailed perfectly with one of REMO's primary philosophies: the "Buy it once and own it forever." theme. Finally, we also felt that the project served to underline our belief in the universal importance and value of commitment, perseverance and (most of all) ... passion.

Eternity at REMO merchandise selection HERE


PS: Thanks CustOMER Wayne Davidson for pointing us to this video of singer Marianne Faithfull walking us through her Paris apartment where, at the 41s mark, you can spot Eternity at REMO on the wall.


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