Fathers Day in the UK & US

Fathers Day in the UK & US

We do Fathers Day at a different time of the year in Australia ... but not Mothers Day. Go figure. Even so, many of our CustOMERs live in places that have just celebrated Fathers Day, and to commemorate that we hereby present some Dad Designs from the REMO range ... all of which have been around for a long time now.

Father Head is an absolute REMO classic. Remember this Crown Street Window?

Don't Forget Fathers Day Crown Street Window in 1991

With each passing year, that pipe looks weirder and weirder.

Father Head on White for Men

Father Head is also now available HERE on Black.

Father Head on Black

Our Father design tells it like it is:

Father on Black for Men 

... and our Fat Her design will get people thinking:

Fat Her on White 

He doesn't wear T Shirts? What about this great Father Head Notebook.

Father Head Notebook

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