From the Archive: Team REMO 2004

From the Archive: Team REMO 2004

This week's blast from the REMO past is this team photo from 2004.

Here we all are in front of the then REMO Store at 98 Brighton Boulevard in North Bondi.

Some things to note: Melanie and Remo seated bottom right (12 years younger), 6 year old Roman strangling the rubber duck, 9 year old Lola at centre of "O", lots of daisies left over from Lola's Daisy Chain, the 2005 wallplanner above the "4" ... and lots of familiar faces (you know who you are).

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REMO People 2004

Team REMO 2004

Taking of the Photo 
Enzo Taking the Shot at 98 Brighton Boulevard, December 2004

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