Guru Adrian Summit in Bondi

Guru Adrian Summit in Bondi

Visiting Bondi | Dani Allen & David Art Wales

David Art Wales and his partner Dani Allen are in town for an extended stay. David, a native Sydneysider, has been living in New York for the past 27 years. When in town he treats Sydney like a smorgasbord … staying in a variety of neighbourhoods, ever curious, boundlessly energetic, eating & drinking deeply on everything that the city has to offer … just like his alter ego Guru Adrian (see below), a Liver to the Nth Degree.

To fuel his global meanderings David works with Dani at his Ministry of Culture, a cool New York based research and content company.

Melanie and I met the dynamic duo this morning and, despite the sweltering heat, took them for a walk, a sauna and a swim at the Bondi Icebergs … naturally.

We also took time to confer with David on the new range of Guru Adrian merchandise, available exclusively from the online REMO General Store HERE. Here is a painterly snapshot of their impromptu Guru Adrian "summit" at the Bondi garage.

Browse the full range of Guru Adrian merchandise HERE

PS: This post first appeared on the Bondi Fresh Daily blog HERE

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