NEW Designs Celebrate Renovated REMO Head

NEW Designs Celebrate Renovated REMO Head

We’re excited to be able to bring you some NEW designs that pay homage to our much storied and loved REMO head logo (back story on that logo below).

All designs available on T Shirts for Men, T Shirts for Women & Tote Bags.

IDEAS Segment T Shirt for Men HERE

PURPOSE Segment T Shirt for Women HERE

FOOD Segment Tote Bags HERE

Browse them all HERE.

The 8 unique phrenology-inspired segments (solo and up front) tell people what’s on your mind and what’s important for you. The segments look cool out of context. Keep people guessing until they see the full head reproduced small and high on the back of the T Shirt.

The segments (FOOD, WORK, IDEAS, PEOPLE, PLAY, CONNECTION, LOVE & PURPOSE) reference the refreshed 2019 version of the brand head (replacing some words e.g. CLOTHES with others e.g. IDEAS), and is reflective of a change in REMO future focus from the selling of THINGS to the delivery of EXPERIENCES.

To that end, check out this recent doodle of new REMO HUB concept that is currently looking for a home here in Sydney. It would integrate a dense and diverse cultural events programme with a unique and tasty mix of people, ideas, food and work. Watch this space :) Sitting on a lazy 1,200m2 to 1,500m2 in the City or on its fringe? Looking for something unique, global and cultural impactful to back as a partner? If so, please let us know HERE.

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