Perkins Paste is a Perennial REMO Design

Perkins Paste is a Perennial REMO Design

We've been back and serving CustOMERs for 2 months. It's fun to see certain designs beginning to assert themselves; and, judging by the demand for the merchandise, one of those perennial REMO designs is Perkins Paste.

Perkins Paste T Shirts for Women

This one is unashamedly specific to Australia (and even more specifically the State of New South Wales).

Anybody who went to school in NSW of a certain age will likely remember Perkins Paste and the familiar pink plastic jar that it came in.

The label claims that it: "sticks quickly," "cannot spill," and is "non toxic" (all admirable features for a glue). Nothing on there about taste. Even so, every class in every school had a kid (or kids) who scored big points by being able to eat significant quantities of the sticky white almondy substance.

This design was initially manifest on a T Shirt in collaboration with Perkin's Products as a promotion for our Stationery Department (where we dutifully sold the actual stuff). They actually used to send us a cheque from time to time to thank us for the promotion.

The image captured the imagination of CustOMERs, and soon took on a life all its own.

Sadly, Perkins Paste appears to have vanished from the marketplace. A recent search has proved fruitless. Extinction is a real possibility. But fear not; its pink and sticky spirt lives on via this homage.

Perkins Paste at REMO merchandise range HERE

Perkins Paste NotebookPerkins Paste Notebook HERE

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