R#01 | NEW Beginnings: Fresh Designs & Stories

R#01 | NEW Beginnings: Fresh Designs & Stories

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Dear CustOMER,

Kung Hei fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year for Sunday. Year of the Rabbit T Shirts (or for that matter, merchandise celebrating all 12 years of the Chinese zodiac) HERE.

Welcome also to a next-generation chapter for our 35 year old adventure that will position REMO as being as much about stories and ideas as it is will be about designs , things and gifts. The world is an interesting place, and we'll be hoping to inspire you with a regular dose of that interestingness on Thursday mornings at 10:00am Sydney time via this newly designed and newsy newsletter.

The hope is that each week there would be between 1 and 3 new REMO stories to feature along with some fresh designs to highlight. To that end, Melanie and I spent the Christmas / New Year period in and around The Netherlands, visiting our daughter Lola who lives and works over there as an engineer and jeweller. So, you will detect some European influence this week. One of our stories is about the traditional Dutch New Year's Dive and how it has more recently made its way to Bondi Beach; and the other stories this week look at the origin of QR Codes and the functional beauty of the official Swiss Railway Clock.

Three of our new designs for this week were inspired by the City of Amsterdam: vertical XXX (the symbol of that city), Bike Icon (more bikes than there are people over there) and Sunlight Zeep (just a beautiful box of soap). Anchor, my favourite new design, celebrates some tiled graffiti found on the streets of Marseille. It's pretty.

Also this week we'd like to introduce you to a new designer collection, this one from recent National Art School graduate Ella Burke. Melanie spotted Ella's work at the grad show last November, and we have collaborated with her on an initial selection.

On the merch front we have decided to celebrate the start of the 2023 work year with a permanent  25% reduction on the price for our iconic A1 wallplanner HERE.

But by far the most important "thing" that we're working on right now is the first in our series of printed REMORANDOM books. You'll be hearing more about that soon!

Once again, happy new year and welcome back to work; or good luck to you if you are still enjoying your break. Leaving you today with a favourite motto (naturally also a thoughtfully merchandised REMO design): Do Good Work. Have Some Fun.


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