R#02 | Stripey Things Hibernation | Going, Going ...

R#02 | Stripey Things Hibernation | Going, Going ...

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Dear CustOMER,

Tomorrow is Australia Day, and to mark that occasion we have curated a range of Australiana Designs for your browsing pleasure. See below. Valentines Day is also not far off, so we've gathered a range of Designs for Lovers. Order now to avoid the rush.

Stripey Things: Good News & Really Bad News. Winter is Coming.

The good news is that we are about to receive a fresh delivery from our maker in Melbourne, and will be in stock of all sizes in classic navy. The really bad news is that the dye house that works with our knitter went out of business last year, meaning that there is literally nowhere local for us to go for the dyed yarn we would need to manufacture further stock. Such a shame given it's literally our most loved product.

So, until something changes, and we manage to source dyed yarn from elsewhere (very likely offshore, and not likely organic) ... we won't be able to restock. The current stock may be the end of the line for our beloved 100% Organic Australian Made version, and the last REMO Stripey Things for a while. Hence our sincere advice to you to order ASAP whatever you think may put to good use over the next couple of years.

Also this week: three new REMO stories: SOS, The Hobo Code and SPAM. Something in there for everyone! Extracts below, or browse full stories on our website HERE.

Finally, some of you may be aware of Maria Popova and The Marginalian (previously Brain Pickings). Maria, who I first met at TED over 10 years ago, is an awesomely productive and creative thinker. She doesn't often give talks, but recently did so for a Creative Mornings event in New York. I really enjoyed catching it via the livestream. If you're interested in notions of "wonder" I would urge you to take a look HERE.


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