R#03 | YES

R#03 | YES

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Dear CustOMER,

Stripey Things are flying out the door ... just in time for Valentines Day. So wise of y'all to stockpile given the supply uncertainties that we told you about last week HERE.

While we're on the subject of Valentines Day, we've curated a range of Designs for Lovers below, and if you order today for Australia you'll receive it before V Day.

Today's hero design bears a simple message: YES. Those of you in Australia who watched Q&A on the ABC on Monday night will be aware that the upcoming referendum hoping to bake an indigenous Voice into our Federal Constitution is far from a forgone conclusion. If your intention is to tick the YES box, maybe you should make the statement early? We are hoping for a positive outcome. For context, back in September 2021 we posted about The Uluru Statement from the Heart. See that story on our website HERE.

YES merchandise HERE

Two new REMO stories this week: Pale Blue Dot and Emeco 1006 Navy Chair, respectively uplifting and intriguing. Check them out, along with a story from 2022 that explains the origin of The Hanky Code, used by gay and bisexual men seeking casual sex. Sydney World Pride 2023 is fast approaching, so we thought that the time to highlight this was now, along with the companion T Shirt design. BYO marker pen :) 

Lastly, many of you clicked the link to Maria Popova's inspiring talk about wonder and creativity last week. That was encouraging, and it has inspired me to dig around for something else random for this week's blast. This one is fun for those of you who wear glasses and who might want to preview what you might look like with new frames. The "Virtual Try On" widget on the Dresden Vision website is pretty cool. I love how the frames follow you around as you bob about. Try for yourself HERE. As for me, I'll stick with black.

Big announcement next week. Stay tuned.


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