R#05 | In the Navy

R#05 | In the Navy

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Dear CustOMER,

We sold our very last Red & Cream Stripey Thing this week. We still have some supply of the classic Navy & White ... but only while stocks last. We're still working to identify a future source; but for now, and as you we told you HERE, current stocks are final.

It's been fun to look back on the rich history of this iconic REMO product. It was just about the first thing we developed from scratch under the REMO brand. See the image strip. The far left shot from 1989 shows Kat our product developer at the time testing stripe width on her partner Hugh. To the right of that is a more recent 2022 shot of Kat and Hugh at their Duckrabbit gallery in Redfern, and the last shot is of Melanie and I sporting navy Stripeys.

So, the message is simple. Secure your Stripey Things before it's too late HERE.

In other merchandise news we have added to our range of tea towels, and that range is now very interesting. Examples below and you can browse all tea towels HERE.

Three more things for you to learn a bit about this week: Jigsaw Puzzles (where did they come from?), TED (how did it start?) and Jantelagen (what's that?). Browse stories HERE.

Finally, a visual treat. There's no point having a talented engineering goldsmithing daughter if you can't put her to work designing and making rewards for your upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Here she is at her bench in Rotterdam working on a few different ideas that manifest the REMORANDOM logo in precious metals for the lucky few.


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