R#11 | Community of CuRRious

R#11 | Community of CuRRious

Last week we launched our Kickstarter for REMORANDOM and I'm thrilled to report it's going GREAT!

Less than a week into our 40 day campaign and we're already 62% the way to our target. That feels good.

We're attracting backers from all over, and the early birds include some luminaries from the worlds of design and publishing. That's cool too. Welcome pressure to make every issue of REMORANDOM beautiful.

An insightful work colleague called the Kickstarter campaign a “Master Class in the Ask” ... and I'll take the compliment, as yes indeed it IS an ask. I would like ALL OF YOU to back the project ASAP.

Here's why:

I don’t really care about the extra A$90 (well, I do, but you know what I mean); I’m not worried about reaching the A$25K funding goal (we will blow through that target) … what I care about is getting YOU involved and bringing as many of you as I can along with me on the journey as a member of the REMORANDOM community from the get go.

Allow me to explain:

Initially REMORANDOM will be about the CONTENT. Follow the link to the campaign to learn about that. Soon after we start publishing issues it will become about the COMMUNITY driving the development of that CONTENT … and eventually it will become as much about COMMUNITY per se as it will continue to be about the CONTENT that unites, engages and delights that community.

I’ve done this before. I know how it works. It will be FUN.

That last community networking bit is going to involve the development of a customised online platform … and that will cost real money. The only way we’ll get there is if we accumulate thousands of subscribers and not just hundreds; and we’ll be greatly assisted in that quest if our launch is given a strong start.

Which brings me back to that ASK:

It would make me very happy if you would accept the invitation to support the launch of REMORANDOM.

You can do that via the campaign link.


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