R#16 | Final Hours of Kickstarter

R#16 | Final Hours of Kickstarter

Normal programming will resume next week, but right now we just needed you all to know that the Kickstarter campaign for REMORANDOM is ending TODAY. So, it's your last chance to join that early bird cohort by becoming a Foundation Subscriber HERE.

In other REMORANDOM news, the new keyring samples arrived today. The new version is 0.5mm thicker and even more gorgeous. Final artwork attached at the base of this email for those who might be curious about the production specs.

Also this week a new design that pays homage to both Nth BONDI and the local pizza joint. Hope you like it.

And finally another new slideshow on the new website. Browse Our Story HERE.

On the home front, I am home; back from TED and a whirlwind few days in New York. I flew home non-stop via Vancouver and hopped straight on a train to the Hawkesbury River Station north of Sydney, en route via boat to the shack. It was my birthday last week (63) and the annual tradition involves water, fire and lots of crabs.


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