R#17 | Fun Facts Guy

R#17 | Fun Facts Guy

For a long time my moniker was (not unsurprisingly) the T Shirt Guy ... until I became the TEDx Guy; and now apparently I have become the Fun Facts Guy. "Dad ... it's your new personality." declared son Roman after I shared with him the news that astronauts have been using VELCRO® taped into the inside of their helmets to scratch their noses.

On Monday I appeared in a segment on morning television here in Australia to talk about the upcoming REMORANDOM book series. I was asked to bring props, with a specific request to bring "the chair." (The Uber driver was very confused.) Show and tell comes naturally to me, so I was happy to oblige.

Check out the segment on YouTube HERE.

What else?

Well ... the Kickstarter campaign for REMORANDOM was a big success. There was rush at the 11th hour, mostly from places outside of Australia, and we ended up reaching 34% over our target. Very pleasing. If you backed it ... thank you! If you didn't, and would like to get involved ... it's not too late to become what will be regarded as a "Foundation Subscriber" ... with access to keyring and lapel pin. Do that HERE.

Raising the $ to make it real has made us look hard at the schedule ... and that's why we're happy to be launching 3 new REMO Stories today: VELCRO®, Telling the Bees and Tucker's Toothpaste Collection. Check them out and let us know what you think.

On the designs front we are working on a few different collaborations ... but meanwhile you have a huge amount of choice. Our best selling collaboration is currently Reg Mombassa at REMO. Apparently, you can't get enough of that strange stuff.


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