R#20 | Finalising Foundation Subscribers

R#20 | Finalising Foundation Subscribers

Last week I returned from a two week family camping trip around Central Australia with my family. I'd never been to the NT and I have to say it was a pretty great thing to do ... driving around in 4WD Toyota Hilux vans and sleeping in swags under the stars. Below, under my signature, is an image of the valiant travellers taken at Uluru. It was very special time … and, for the photo, we give thanks for the length of my son Roman's arm.

RR#1 is in good shape, so I didn't have to do too much work on the road. I did however manage to do a full scan and edit, marking up the 100 pages that I took along for that purpose. You can see those 100 double page spreads thumbnailed in the image above.

We've got only a few more days to get everything finalised and off to the printer ... including some image permissions, sub-editing and a few more rounds of proof reading.

We sent a link to the book draft to a few design and publishing luminaries in New York, and overnight we received some great blurbs for use on the back cover. Check them out here.

Finally, below is a draft of a Thank You page that will appear at the end of the printed book. If you can't read the image, you can download the pdf HERE.

Which brings me to the point of this email. I would like to appeal to your vanity and pride in being early onto a good thing. So, anyone who subscribes to REMORANDOM before the end of this this week will have their name included as a "Foundation Subscriber" in the book ... along with the Kickstarter Subscribers who made this all possible.

Be an early adopter. Join our Community of CuRRious. Subscribe HERE.


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