R#22 | FREE Shipping for Hoodies

R#22 | FREE Shipping for Hoodies

We've decided to give our new Hoodies a proper welcome by offering free shipping to Australian addresses on all July orders from REMO that include a hoodie. Just use the code H23 during checkout to have the shipping charge removed.

We've added a range of new designs, including many CustOMER favourites.

Check out the ever-expanding range of:
  • Hoodies for Men (Unisex) in 11 colours and 9 sizes from XS to 5XL HERE
  • Hoodies for Women in 8 colours and 6 sizes from XS to 2XL HERE
  • Hoodies for Kids in Six Sizes for ages 2 to 12 HERE
If your favourite design is missing on the style that you're looking to order, let us know. We'll happily add it to the range so that you can order exactly what you want!

Meanwhile, REMORANDOM is being printed now. Here it is in teeny grid form:

As mentioned last week, we have shared a legible PDF with a couple of journalists and random CustOMERs. The feedback is accumulating HERE. Some examples:

We really want you to subscribe so that you don't miss out on printed RR#1. Book stocks are going to be limited. Join our Global Community of CuRRious and subscribe HERE.


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