R$ Gift Vouchers: Give the Gift of Credit

R$ Gift Vouchers: Give the Gift of Credit

Let them choose! Give the gift of credit!

REMO Dollars are magically equivalent to Australian dollars and can be used to purchase anything from the online REMO General Store.

Order REMO Dollars in any quantity in denominations from R$20 to R$1000.

REMO Dollars

Here's how it would work as a gift for Sunday:

1. Order your REMO Dollar Gift Voucher HERE. We'll email you the CODE.
2. Print and present the recipient with one of the below

50 REMO Dollars for Dad

R$50 will get him a REMO T Shirt of his choice, mailed anywhere in Australia

100 REMO Dollars for Dad

R$100 will be enough for a couple of REMO T Shirts and maybe a Notebook

250 REMO Dollars

R$250 will score him a serious variety of REMO merchandise. Here's what that haul might look like. What fun!

REMO Cornucopia

Once again ... order your REMO Dollar Gift Vouchers HERE



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