REMO Since 1988

REMO Since 1988

Change is Fun ... and, to that end, you may have noticed that our URL has changed from to so as to reflect the broadening of our scope from selling THINGS and DESIGNS to also telling STORIES. The new URL which mirrors the wording on our beloved long time head logo is both descriptive and distinctive. We hope you like it.

Today is actually a big day. It was exactly 34 years ago that we opened the doors to our Darlinghurst General Store for the very first time. For a trip down remory land go HERE ... and check out the flickr slide show HERE.

To celebrate our 34th birthday for this week only we will reduce the price of EVERYTHING in our store to 88% of the listed price. Just enter the code RS88 into the promo code feel as you're checking out. Start HERE.

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