Send Gifts via Email Today & Tomorrow

Send Gifts via Email Today & Tomorrow

Greetings from Bondi. It was Roman's birthday yesterday. So we celebrated with him and his mates at our temporary digs across the road from the beach. See below. There was a HUGE pod of dolphins cavorting out in front. We took that as a good omen for 2018.

Meanwhile, on the REMO front, did you know that it's not too late to use our service to buy gifts for loved ones anywhere in the world. See the two options below. Gift Wizard is especially easy. Basically, if you know someone's email address you can send them notification of your chosen gift, and you can schedule that email to be sent at any time today, tomorrow ... or whenever. Learn more about Gift Wizard below, and browse our gift options HERE.

Season's Greetings
Remo & Melanie


People Watching Dolphins | 6:45pm Saturday 23 December 2017

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