Designs for the Resistance

Designs for the Resistance


No, it's not the end of the world quite yet ... but it is the end of January.

It seemed timely to repost this item from last July when the Republican nomination was first announced. Sadly prescient.

We will be donating 20% of today's online REMO sales to the Refugee Council of Australia and the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre.

So, place your order today to make your dollars count.

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It's time for some NEW REMO designs, unabashedly influenced by current affairs.

Think: Brexit, Borders, Diversity, Globalisation & Presidential Nominees (!). 

Each NEW Design is now available on T Shirts HERE and Tote Bags HERE

May we introduce (left to right, top to bottom): Australia OPEN, Refugees Welcome, Global Citizen, Love is All You Need, Panic Button & (one for you geeks) E=hf.

New Designs on REMO Tote Bags

Six NEW REMO Designs

To each in turn:
Australia OPEN is our response to those who would seek to close our borders to new arrivals and to the inherent diversity of a global community.


Australia OPEN
Refugees Welcome speaks for itself ...
Refugees Welcome
... and was inspired by the T Shirt worn by Amrita Hepi for this talk delivered on the TEDxYouth@Sydney stage earlier this year.
Amrita Hepi at TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016
Global Citizen is a declaration by the wearer that he or she feels a greater affinity to the planet and its people than to political boundaries and borders.
Global Citizen Design
Love is All You Need is our tribute to Australian Commentator Waleed Aly's recent challenge to the Australian people to #SendForgivenessViral. It's also a very nice Beatles song and a great sentiment.
Love is All You Need
Panic Button is our reaction to today's Republican Party Nomination. Eeek! But, as the button says ... Don't Panic!
Panic Button Design
Once again ... browse and order all of our NEW design on T Shirts HERE and Tote Bags HERE.
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