The Sesquicentennial Inaugural Chaser Lecture & Dinner

The Sesquicentennial Inaugural Chaser Lecture & Dinner

Long time CustOMER Julian Morrow (The Chaser) would like to invite all Friends of REMO to The Sesquicentennial Inaugural Chaser Lecture & Dinner on Thursday 17 November at Sydney Town Hall.

All the details on The Chaser Lecture website HERE

Be sure to use the promotional code REMOCHASER to secure your place at a REMO table for this black tie fundraiser for the special price of $200 (reduced from $275).

This via email from Julian:

The event's been described as "the nation's least boring black tie charity dinner" … by the Chaser. Just then. This year's Inaugural Chaser Lecture is being given by Indonesia's first female Muslim standup comedian, Sakdiyah Ma'ruf, who was awarded the Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent in 2015.

The Lecture's going to be funny and fascinating, and we're committed to making every aspect of the night a complete joke ... in the good sense ... to raise money for global free speech charity Article 19.

I'd love it if you could come (whether it's because you want to, or as a personal favour ... or event just cos you're resentfully giving in to a sense of social obligation I'm shamelessly trying to instil right now). 

If you can come along, enter the code REMOCHASER when you click on this link to register for a ticket (or a table!).

If you'd like more info about the event, here's the promo vid, and here's a recent plug from plug from Peter Fitzsimons plus a profile of Sakdiyah.  And more specifically:

Date: Thursday, 17 November, 7pm
Venue: Sydney Town Hall 
Dress: Formal

PS: Here are some images from last year's event:


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