Collection: Always On | 2003

We approached Apple Australia in 1994, and they agreed to help us develop a touch screen Gift Guide for our Catalogue Cafe in the City of Sydney. Apple partnered with a software development company called Big Animated Digital ("BAD"); and BAD gave the coding gig to John Scott. Johno worked with the REMO team and delivered a solution that was way ahead of its time.

Anyway, that was a long time ago; before the Internet was really an option for the REMO General Store. After that both Johno and REMO spent slabs of time in the US learning by doing in the areas of interactivity and the Internet.

In the light of all of this, it is somewhat appropriate that Johno should be the CustOMER to have come up with the idea of Always On as a REMO T Shirt. Don't know too much about the origin of the icon (do you?), but chances are you've seen this button glowing away somewhere or other.

Always On. Always Thinking. Is this you?

Symbol as Exhibit at MoMA in New York

REMO Café in Sydney in 1994. Touch Screen Gift Guide powered by Apple Macs.

REMO Café was Australia's first ever Internet Café