Collection: Asso di Bastone | 2004

Asso di Bastone is Italian for Ace of Clubs. It also implies a kaleidoscope of other things according to Enzo our Neapolitan born one-time studio helper and product photographer.

Namely: creativity, fertility, originality, conception, virility; the masculine, positive power of origination; the primal energy and vigour of the Element of Fire; the faculty of intuition; the natural fertility of nature; the beginning of something new; the launching of fresh enterprises; the foundation of future success and abundance; artistic inspiration; inventiveness & innovation.

(Our translation: Big Swinging Dick on Campus.)

Carry it with confidence.

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Asso di Bastone is a popular tattoo it seems. Personally, we think the T Shirt is enough.

REMO People 2004 in front of 98 Brighton Boulevard. Enzo far right with Lola's daisies on head.