NEW Organic Australian REMO T Shirts

NEW Organic Australian REMO T Shirts

We’re so excited to be able to announce that REMO T Shirts are now Made in Australia from 100% organic cotton. Even the woven labels are made in Australia!

REMO Organic Australian T Shirts

The repatriation of our manufacturing to Australia has been a long term ambition for us, and we started working in earnest on the project last year. It has been tremendously satisfying to work with a range of partners based in Melbourne, and we look forward to many happy years working together, and more exciting developments as we slowly expand the REMO apparel range.

We have also taken the opportunity to unify the styles for men and women into a singular unisex style … just as it was in the early REMO days.

It’s not a fitted T Shirt, but rather something relaxed and timeless in style. Please refer to the size guide before you order.

Order Organic Australian Plain T Shirts HERE
Order Organic Australian Design T Shirts HERE

PS: Size Guide HERE
PPS: Finally, we will continue to sell our existing stocks of T Shirts for Women until that legacy stock is fully cleared.

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