R#04 | PROUD

R#04 | PROUD

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Dear CustOMER,

Last week we brought you YES to a Voice ... and this week we're making you PROUD.

Although we've been inspired by Sydney World Pride 2023, the word actually operates more broadly and across the full human spectrum. We think it's a nice declaration of self, in the spirit of our ever popular 30 year old LOVED design.

YES merchandise selling strongly HERE (encouraging). PROUD merchandise HERE.

Three more stories this week: Duck-Rabbit Illusion, Safety Pin & Fugu. Browse them HERE.

Finally, last week I told you we had something to announce. This is it:

REMORANDOM | Catalogues of Interesting: Kickstarter Campaign Coming in April

20th century REMO was justifiably famous for its mail order catalogues. They won lots of international awards. People LOVED and collected them (maybe you); and, in fact, US Catalog Age voted them "Best in the World" in 1991. In 2023 we will be returning REMO to print … but this time it will be different. They will be catalogues, not of products, but rather “catalogues of interesting”. The stories that we're bringing you weekly in these newsletters are examples of the content ... uncommon knowledge to share.

Anyway, over the Christmas break we decided that the best way to launch our campaign for REMORANDOM #1 would be via Kickstarter. We've already used that platform a couple of times in the past (e.g. for the General Thinker book), and we've started designing all of the various rewards e.g. the subscriber keyring will be to-die-for. Samples ordered.

REMORANDOM is a most exciting project; and with your help it will fly high. More to come as we get closer to launch.


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