R#13 | CustOMER Love

R#13 | CustOMER Love

Greetings from Vancouver. I’m here all week for the annual TED Conference. You can browse the speaker list, and even buy yourself a day pass if you really want to see someone live, HERE.

A bit later in the week I will have a NEW AND EXCITING THING to share with you.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a lovely piece of CustOMER feedback received over the weekend in relation to our current Kickstarter campaign for REMORANDOM. I’m not doing this to guilt you into backing the project if you haven’t already done so (well, maybe just a little bit ;) but rather to demonstrate to you all once again that CustOMERs are smart and generous … and that, as a business and brand, if you manage to stick around for long enough, you get to develop a relationship with your CustOMERs that is very rich and real.

Here’s the note from Rachael (who, as an aside, contributed very significantly to our Kickstarter):

"Hi Remo,

I’m very happy to support your endeavours as I can. I remember being in year 11 in 1988 and having my nose pressed up against the window looking at all the amazing shop products you had. I think much of my high school job money was spent in your store, and some of the tee shirts are now pj tops, but still going.

I continue buying my mum gifts there. She loves her blue striped long sleeve top.

I still have my lattes at home in my New York take away mug, which when we had our cafe in our current town were “owners cups” for when we had time to sit and chat with the customer.

Two of my cars (sons and mine) have key ring, but the double R will be extra special as my Husband is Richard and I’m Rachael so it will be beautiful for “Our car”

We even had in 1992 a wedding gift list with you- we got a hurricane lap, beautifully coloured glass champagne glasses, mosquito coil holder, a tee shirt each and waffle wear robes each.

You also have been a store for my kids!

When you came back with the tee shirts we had tees printed: 668, neighbour of the beast; if tv is so bad why is one in every hospital room; that’s doctor to you; and only last year we gave a friend a Cuisenaire rod top,

You connect so many. Our 28 year old still wears her eternity swim cap at Bronte to swim.

I love that I can help and share a bit of my life with Remo, and that you have no idea about how you touched. From Kambala girl in Woollahra to Sydney University then out west Balranald, Collarenebri Walgett Moree Bourke Uralla Tamworth and Bundarra and working on ministerial boards with people who know you!

I acknowledge elders past & present, and I’m honoured to have raised four proud strong Gamilaroi young adults with dignity.


More examples of CustOMER Love on our website HERE.

REMORANDOM Kickstarter is coming along. Nearly 80% the way to our goal.

Become a foundation RR subscriber HERE.


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