R#25 | Red Stripey Things

R#25 | Red Stripey Things

We wanted you to be the first to know. Stripey Things are BACK, including the elusive red version. Replenishment stocks of the ever-popular navy have also arrived.

We like this new red. It's still warm, but a little bit less bricky and more vibrant than the previous red. You will look good in this colour.

The fabric is still knitted especially for us using 100% cotton yarn by Ralph Bonadio and his team at Topknit Fabrics in Victoria. The garments are also made for us by a small Melbourne-based maker. And even the labels are woven here by Cash's.


We actually made them available to order online last Friday, and somehow the word seems to have gotten out, as we received a slew of orders over the weekend. Still plenty left, but I wouldn't be dawdling if I were you.

Browse and order Stripey Things in both Navy and Red HERE.


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