Regular Coffee

Regular Coffee

This Regular Coffee design (referring to what New Yorkers call coffee with milk) went on to break all sales records when it was launched by a shopfront business called Design East in NY in 1983.

Regular Coffee T Shirts for Women

When we launched REMO in Sydney in 1988 we included this design with the blessing of Design East. We've sold thousands since ... but only now are we able to offer the design on a black T Shirt. (It looks great on black BTW.)

Regular T Shirts for Men

 The design is also available on Tote Bags and as a Notebook.

The notebook is especially cool. Check it out below.

All Regular Coffee merchandise manifestations HERE.

Regular Coffee Notebook_________________

I (Remo) was living in that Lower East Side neighbourhood at the time, and even though it was some years before I would go on to open the REMO General Store in Sydney (that full story HERE), the T Shirt thing was bubbling away in the back of my head. See for example this ad that ran in PAPER magazine in 1986 in an attempt to sell my surrealistic combo platter of rubber chickens and fire hydrants.

T Shirts Ad in PAPER

The ad that ran in PAPER Magazine in early 1986.

Rubber Chicken

That didn't do so well. Sometimes you can just be too clever for your own good ... or maybe not nearly clever enough!

What DID end up doing very well indeed was my Takeout Coffee design from 1985.

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