Stripey Things Update

Stripey Things Update

Stripey Things are getting nearer.

We received a sample from our supplier this week. Close but no cigar. We thought that you might be interested in our feedback. In an email we wrote:

"Thanks for sending the Stripey Thing sample.

The make is great. Thanks.

There are a couple of issues regarding the fabric … and one small issue re the inseam label. See below.


We like the feel of the combed cotton (good suggestion) … but the weight feels a bit lighter than the sample we asked you to match. I’m not going to go to the expense of sending the sample to Charles Parsons for analysis … but I did weigh the Large sample and it was quite a bit lighter: 306g v. 350g. We would prefer the weight to more closely match the previous please.


These are still not correct. I could tell straight away when I unpacked the sample. See attached. The navy stripe should be 7mm wide and the white 10.5mm wide.


Inside seam WOVEN label would have words on the back that is slightly different to the back of the labels used for the T Shirts. See attached.

Please ask the factory to have another go. It’s important that we replicate the weight and look of the legacy garment."


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