R#21 | Hoodies = NEW

R#21 | Hoodies = NEW

The big news this week is the introduction of REMO Hoodies ... the first time in 35 years that our designs have been available on anything warmer than a long sleeve T-shirt. It's chilly here in Sydney today, so the timing is good! We've ordered a bunch for ourselves.

Check out the ever-expanding range of:
  • Hoodies for Men (Unisex) in 11 colours and 9 sizes from XS to 5XL HERE
  • Hoodies for Women in 8 colours and 6 sizes from XS to 2XL HERE
  • Hoodies for Kids in Six Sizes for ages 2 to 12 HERE
If your favourite design is missing on the style that you're looking to order, let us know. We'll happily add it to the range so that you can order exactly what you want!

In other news, the artwork for the book is with the printer. So very exciting. Choosing just the right red for the cover has been an exquisite torture that has involved a range of designers and a bunch of super-engaged Facebook friends. In case you're interested the winner is twice-printed PMS 2347 C, an unapologetic red that puts lesser reds like Netflix Red (1795 C) or Ritz Red (185 C) to shame.

Also on the book front, we have shared our PDF with a couple of punters, and the feedback has been both articulate and gratifying. Here are the latest two accumulating on the pre-order page for single copies of RR#1 HERE:

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