REMO is 30 | Celebration 30% Off

REMO is 30 | Celebration 30% Off

At 10:00 AM on 10 October 1988 the REMO General Store opened its doors for the first time on the corner of Oxford & Crown Streets in Darlinghurst.

That was exactly 30 years ago. So, happy birthday to us!

In celebration of that milestone we have curated a number of images from the archive, and they are set out below. Enjoy your scroll back down memory lane.

Although it’s our birthday … you CustOMERs get the gift.

To that end ... please enjoy a storewide 30% discount for the next 7 days.

Enter the code HBD30 at check out on or before 17 October.

Start browsing HERE.

PS: Interested in REMO History? Order a copy of THIS.

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