REMO Organic Australian T Shirt Maker in the News

REMO Organic Australian T Shirt Maker in the News

Replenishment stocks of Organic Australian REMO T Shirts are on their way to us from Melbourne and will be with us in Bondi by the end of this week. So, here's letting you know that your size is now available to order in plain or across our entire design portfolio.

So, what's so good about these T Shirts?

Enjoyed this piece in last Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald featuring the repatriation of manufacturing to Australia by forward thinking and sustainable Australian brands. We're happy to share with you the fact that the featured textile mill ABMT is the REMO T Shirt maker.

Take a read of the article. Here are a couple of extracts:

"ABMT is at the cutting edge of sustainable fashion manufacturing: a roof laid with more than 1400 solar panels, an on-site water treatment plant, and hundreds of skylights through which the sun illuminates the factory floor on all but the gloomiest days."

... and this from Julian Collins, ABMT’s global sales manager:

 “We would have an inquiry every day from a start-up brand or established brand wanting to make in Australia,” he says. “For us it’s about picking and choosing which ones can be profitable.”

So ... our Organic Australian partner revealed.

REMO Organic Australian T Shirts

The repatriation of our manufacturing to Australia has been a long term ambition for us, and we started working in earnest on the project last year. It has been tremendously satisfying to work with ABMT and a range of other Australian partners.

Not that this is not a fitted T Shirt, but rather something relaxed and timeless in style. Please refer to the size guide before you order.

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